Slimkid3 & DJ Nu-Mark
Slimkid3 & DJ Nu-Mark
Studio album by Slimkid3 & DJ Nu-Mark


9 September 2014


2013-2014 at Log Cabin Studios (Los Angeles, California)


Hip hop




Delicious Vinyl


DJ Nu-Mark

Slimkid3 & DJ Nu-Mark is a self-titled album by Slimkid3 and DJ Nu-Mark, released in 2014 on Delicious Vinyl. After releasing a three song EP in 2011 together, the two musicians teamed up to record a full-length album. It is entirely produced by DJ Nu-Mark, and features guest appearances from Diamond D, Del the Funky Homosapien, Murs, and J-Live.

The album was released with a second CD, featuring instrumentals, acapellas and clean versions of the songs.

Track listingEdit

All songs produced by DJ Nu-Mark.

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Time
1. "Work Hard" Slimkid3, K-Natural Hardson, Potsic 2:51
2. "Let Me Hit" Slimkid3 Hardson, Potsic 2:51
3. "I Know, Didn't I" Slimkid3, Darondo Hardson, Potsic 3:55
4. "Fade to Black" Slimkid3, J-Live Cadet, Hardson, Potsic 2:02
5. "No Pity Party" Slimkid3 Hardson, Potsic 2:41
6. "What Are Words For" Slimkid3 Hardson, Potsic 2:33
7. "King" Slimkid3, Diamond D, K-Natural Hardson, Kirkland, Potsic, Taylor 3:00
8. "Bom Bom Fiya" Slimkid3 Hardson, Potsic 2:14
9. "Godzilla or Gamera" Slimkid3 Hardson, Potsic 2:30
10. "Bouillon" Slimkid3, Del, Murs Carter, Hardson, Jones, Potsic 3:11


  • Track 2 features background vocals performed by DJ Cee Brown
  • Track 5 features chorus and background vocals performed by Larlna
  • Track 6 features background chorus vocals performed by Larlna
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