Sister Souljah
Sister Souljah

Birth name

Lisa Williamson


The Bronx, New York, United States


Hip hop


Author, rapper, activist, film producer

Years active




Associated acts

Public Enemy

Lisa Williamson (born 1964), better known by her stage name Sister Souljah, is an American author, rapper, activist and film producer. Sister Souljah was a controversial figure in the 1990s due to her inflammatory comments concerning race relations. Her position of influence among black Americans as a hip hop artist polarised groups and individuals both black and white and led to public controversy. The most notable incident involving her was when she was criticised by Bill Clinton for her remarks about race ("If black people kill black people every day, why not have a week and kill white people?") during the 1992 presidential campaign in the United States. Clinton's well-known repudiation of her comments led to what is now known in politics as a Sister Souljah moment.

After making several appearances on songs by Public Enemy, Sister Souljah released her only album, 360 Degrees of Power, in 1992. Both of its music videos were banned by MTV because of their inflammatory imagery. In 1995, she made a move to writing when she published a memoir titled No Disrepect, and has since written four novels.


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