Shade Business
Studio album by PMD


September 27, 1994


August 1993 - February 1994


Black Zone
(New York City)
Northshore Soundworks
(New York City)
Mark 45 King Studios
(New York City)
Eye Land Dungeon
(New York City)


Hardcore hip hop, East Coast hip hop, Underground hip hop




RCA Records / BMG


Parrish Smith, DJ Scratch, Jesse West, The 45 King

Shade Business is the solo debut studio album by American rapper and producer PMD. It was released in September 27, 1994 under RCA Records. Recording sessions for the LP were taken place at Black Zone Studios, Northshore Soundworks, Mark 45 King Studios and Eye Land Dungeon in New York City from August 1993 to February 1994. The album was produced by Parrish Smith, Jesse West, DJ Scratch and The 45 King. It includes guest appearances by Das EFX, 3rd Eye, Zone 7 and Top Quality.

The album spawned the singles: "I Saw It Cummin'", "Swing Your Own Thing" and "Shade Business"

Track listing Edit

  1. "Shade Business" - 3:43
  2. "In The Zone" - 4:15
  3. "Steppin' Thru Hardcore" - 3:37
  4. "Respect Mine" - 3:32
  5. "Here They Cum" (feat. Das EFX) - 3:20
  6. "Back To The Rap" - 3:04
  7. "I'll Wait" (feat. Zone 7) - 5:19
  8. "I Saw It Cummin'" - 4:00
  9. "Swing Your Own Thing" - 3:22
  10. "Fake Homeyz" (feat. Top Quality and 3rd Eye) - 3:17
  11. "Phuck It Up Scratch (Interlude)" - 2:00
  12. "Back Up Or Get Smacked Up" - 2:39
  13. "Thought I Lost My Spot" - 4:02
  14. "No Shorts And No Sleep" (feat. 3rd Eye, Top Quality and Zone 7) - 5:03

Samples Edit

Shade Business

  • "I' Been Watching You" by Southside Movement
  • "Jungle Boogie" by Kool & the Gang
  • "So What Cha Sayin'" by EPMD

In The Zone

Respect Mine

  • "Keep on Pushing" by The Impressions
  • "Miss Lady Brown" by The Chambers Brothers
  • "C.R.E.A.M." by Wu-Tang Clan

Here They Cum

Back To The Rap

  • "Come Dancing" by Jeff Beck

I'll Wait

  • "Long Red" by Mountain
  • "I Got a Thing, You Got a Thing, Everybody's Got a Thing" by Funkadelic

I Saw It Cummin'

Swing Your Own Thing

  • "Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll" by Vaughan Mason and Crew

Fake Homeyz

  • "Pain" by Ohio Players
  • "The Assembly Line" by Commodores

Back Up Or Get Smacked Up

  • "Get Me Back on Time, Engine #9" by Wilson Pickett
  • "Powaful Impak!" by Black Moon

Thought I Lost My Spot

  • "Get Out of My Life, Woman" by Iron Butterfly
  • "Hellraiser" by The Beatnuts
  • "Nobody's Safe Chump" by EPMD

No Shorts And No Sleep

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