Sex and Violence
Sex and Violence
Studio album by Boogie Down Productions


February 25, 1992




Hardcore hip hop, East Coast hip hop


Jive Records


KRS-One, Pal Joey, Prince Paul, DJ Kenny Parker, D-Square

Boogie Down Productions chronology


Edutainment (1990)

Sex and Violence is the fifth and final studio album released by hip hop group Boogie Down Productions, released in 1992 on Jive Records. The following year, the group's lead member, KRS-One, began releasing music under his own name.

The track "Build and Destroy" deals with KRS-One's ideological differences —as a self-proclaimed humanist —with X Clan and its brand of Afrocentrism. Previously, and on numerous occasions, the X-Clan had denounced any association with the concept, instead affirming its pro-Black stance. This, according to KRS-One's younger brother and Boogie Down Production's DJ Kenny Parker, was an insinuation that KRS was a "sell-out." Both parties have since reconciled their differences and on X-Clan's Return from Mecca album. The album track "Say Gal" was written about the rape trial of professional boxer Mike Tyson.

KRS One has stated that the album has sold about 250,000 copies, half of what the previous BDP album (Edutainment) sold. KRS-One has stated that he believes this was due to an incident that year, in which BDP stormed the stage during a concert performance by alternative hip hop duo PM Dawn, which was in retaliation for the latter's published comments that questioned KRS-One being a self-proclaimed "teacher".

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s)
1. "The Original Way" Freddie Foxxx, KRS-One, Kid Capri D-Square, Kenny Parker
2. "Duck Down" KRS-One Pal Joey
3. "Drug Dealer" KRS-One Prince Paul
4. "Like a Throttle" KRS-One Kenny Parker
5. "Build & Destroy" KRS-One, Kenny Parker, Willie D. Kenny Parker
6. "Ruff Ruff" KRS-One, Freddie Foxxx D-Square
7. "13 and Good" KRS-One, Kenny Parker, Heather B. Pal Joey
8. "Poisonous Products" KRS-One Kenny Parker
9. "Questions and Answers" KRS-One, Willie D. Pal Joey
10. "Say Gal" KRS-One, Kenny Parker KRS-One
11. "We in There" KRS-One, Kenny Parker, Willie D. Kenny Parker
12. "Sex and Violence" KRS-One Prince Paul
13. "How Not to Get Jerked" KRS-One Prince Paul
14. "Who Are the Pimps?" KRS-One Pal Joey
15. "The Real Holy Place" KRS-One D-Square, KRS-One
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