Roxbury 02119
Roxbury 02119
Studio album by Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs


July 13, 1993


1992-1993 at Calliope Studios, Chaptown Studios and Power Play Studios


Hip hop


Chemistry, Mercury


Diamond D, Ed O.G (also exec.), Scott Foster, Joe Mansfield, Desmond Sharief Powell, Smitt Dog, Special K (exec.)

Ed O.G chronology


Life of a Kid in the Ghetto (1991)


The Truth Hurts (2000)

Roxbury 02119 is the second and final album by American hip hop group Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs, released in July 13, 1993 Chemistry Records. The album was performed solely by group leader Ed O.G and was predominantly produced by Joe Mansfield and labelmate Diamond D. It deals with similar topics as its predecessor, Life of a Kid in the Ghetto, such as the negative effects of drugs and remembrance of lost ones. Roxbury 02119 is titled after the name and zipcode of Ed O.G's birthplace Roxbury, a neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts.

The album peaked at #36 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. Its single, "Love Comes and Goes", performed well on the charts. The album received mediocre reviews from critics, who generally decided that the album did not live up to its predecessor. The group broke up a short time after the release of this album, and would be Ed O.G's last studio album for nearly seven years.

Track listingEdit

All songs performed by Ed O.G.

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Streets of the Ghetto" Anderson, Kirkland, McCann Diamond D 3:22
2. "Busted" Anderson, Kirkland Diamond D 4:31
3. "Love Comes and Goes" Anderson, Kirkland, Moss, Redding, Simms, Walden Diamond D 4:24
4. "Skinny Dip (Got It Goin' On)" Anderson, Mansfield Joe Mansfield, Ed O.G, Smitt Dog 3:48
5. "I Thought Ya Knew" Anderson, Kirkland Diamond D 4:26
6. "I'm Laughin'" Anderson, Mansfield Joe Mansfield 4:11
7. "I'll Rip You" Anderson, Foster Scott Foster 3:21
8. "Go Up and Up" Anderson, Mansfield Joe Mansfield 3:20
9. "Try Me" Anderson, Powell Desmond Sharief Powell 5:04
10. "Dat Ain't Right" Anderson, Kirkland Diamond D 3:30
11. "Less Than Zero" Anderson, Mansfield Joe Mansfield 3:18
12. "Check It Out" Anderson, Mansfield Joe Mansfield 2:31
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