Return of the Funky Man
Return of the Funky Man
Studio album by Lord Finesse


11 February 1992


1991 at Jazzy Jay Recording Studio and 1212 Recording Studio


Hip hop






Aladdin, Diamond D, Latif, Lord Finesse (also exec.), S.L.J., Showbiz, Peter Wane

Lord Finesse chronology


Funky Technician (1990)


The Awakening (1996)

Return of the Funky Man is the second album by American hip hop musician Lord Finesse, released in 1992 on Giant Records. Guest appearances are provided by Percee P and A.G., who both appear on the song "Yes You May" and separately on two other songs. Return of the Funky Man, features production from Finesse's Diggin' in the Crates Crew partners Diamond D and Showbiz, as well as DJ Aladdin and S.L.J.. Lord Finesse also produced and co-produced numerous songs on the album, and would go on to become one of the most popular producers in the East Coast hip hop and underground hip hop scenes.

Lord Finesse made an appearance alongside Big L and DJ Mike Smooth on Yo! MTV Raps in 1992 to promote the album. Big L made his debut appearance on a remix of the song "Yes You May", which appeared on the B-side of the "Party Over Here" single.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Lord Finesse Intro" - Lord Finesse, Showbiz 2:01
2. "Return of the Funky Man" Lord Finesse Showbiz 5:07
3. "I Like My Girls With a Boom" Lord Finesse Showbiz 4:17
4. "Yes You May" Lord Finesse, Percy P, A.G. Showbiz 4:57
5. "Hey Look at Shorty" Lord Finesse Lord Finesse, Latif (co.) 3:18
6. "Praise the Lord" Lord Finesse Diamond D 4:41
7. "Save That Shit" Lord Finesse, Shel-Rumble, Harry-O Aladdin, S.L.J., Lord Finesse (co.) 5:22
8. "Show 'Em How We Do Things" Lord Finesse Aladdin, S.L.J., Lord Finesse (co.) 5:37
9. "Isn't He Something" Lord Finesse Diamond D 4:42
10. "Fat for the 90's" Lord Finesse, A.G. Lord Finesse 4:27
11. "Stop Sweating the Next Man" Lord Finesse Aladdin, S.L.J., Lord Finesse (co.) 4:23
12. "Funky on the Fast Tip" Lord Finesse Lord Finesse, Peter Wane 2:32
13. "That's How Smooth I Am" Lord Finesse Diamond D 5:19
14. "Party Over Here" Lord Finesse Showbiz 4:21
15. "Fuck 'Em" Lord Finesse Diamond D 5:09
16. "Kicking Flavor With My Man" Lord Finesse, Percy P Lord Finesse, Peter Wane (co.) 4:22


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