R U Still Down? (Remember Me)
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Studio album by 2Pac


25 November 1997


1992-1994 (2Pac's vocals)
1997 (Production, guest vocals and mixing)


Hip hop




Amaru, Interscope


2Pac, Akshun, Choo, Def Jef, DJ Daryl, Johnny "J", Live Squad, Levant Marcus, Mike Mosley, Natures Fynest Productions, Tony Pizarro, QDIII, Quimmy Quim, Chris Rosser, Conrad Rosser, Ricky Rouse, Afeni Shakur (exec.), Lisa Smith-Putnam (exec.), Soulshock & Karlin, Warren G, We Got Kidz Productions (also exec.)

2Pac chronology


The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory (1996)


Greatest Hits (1998)

R U Still Down? (Remember Me) is the seventh album and second posthumous album by American rapper 2Pac, released in 1997 on Amaru Entertainment, Jive and Interscope Records. It is the first album by 2Pac to be finished without his creative input, and was overseen by his mother Afeni Shakur. This was the first release from Afeni's imprint Amaru Entertainment, a label that was set up to control 2Pac's posthumous releases.

Shortly after 2Pac was murdered in 1996, there were rumours that hundreds of unreleased songs remained in the vaults. After the release of his first posthumous album, The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory in late 1996, Afeni Shakur gained the rights to all of his unreleased recordings from both the Interscope and Death Row labels. This album contains previously unreleased material from the time period of his albums Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z...Thug Life: Volume 1 and Me Against the World. The album airs his views on life from a time before he became involved in the controversial East Coast-West Coast hip hop rivalry.

The album sold 549,000 copies in its first week, and reached multi-platinum status under a month. It topped the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart for three weeks in the United States. The album spawned two hits: "Do for Love" and "I Wonder If Heaven Got a Ghetto".

Track listing[edit | edit source]

Disc one[edit | edit source]

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Redemption" - Rouse We Got Kidz Productions, Ricky Rouse (co.) 1:48
2. "Open Fire" 2Pac Shakur, Williams Akshun 2:52
3. "R U Still Down? (Remember Me)" 2Pac Mayfield, Pizarro, Shakur Tony Pizarro 4:07
4. "Hellrazor" 2Pac, Val Young Jones, Shakur, Walker, Young QDIII 4:15
5. "Thug Style" 2Pac Cox, Greenidge, Rosser, Rosser, Shakur We Got Kidz Productions 4:16
6. "Where Do We Go From Here (Interlude)" - Clinton, Collins, Cooper, Pizarro, Shakur Tony Pizarro, 2Pac 4:31
7. "I Wonder If Heaven Got a Ghetto" 2Pac Goodman, McDowell, Shakur, Troutman, Troutman Soulshock & Karlin 4:21
8. "Nothing to Lose" 2Pac Clinton, Collins, Curry, Jackson, Patterson, Shakur, Walker, Wheaton, Worrell 2Pac, Live Squad 3:39
9. "I'm Gettin Money" 2Pac Mosley, Natures Fynest, Shakur Mike Mosley, Natures Fynest Productions (co.) 3:32
10. "Lie to Kick It" 2Pac, Richie Rich Blackman, Griffin, Serrell, Shakur Warren G 3:39
11. "Fuck All Y'all" 2Pac Cox, Greenidge, Shakur We Got Kidz Productions 4:32
12. "Let Them Thangs Go" 2Pac Clinton, Collins, Cox, Greenidge, Shakur, Worrell We Got Kidz Productions, Quimmy Quim (co.), DJ Daryl (add.) 3:33
13. "Definition of a Thug N#gga" 2Pac Griffin, Mizell, Shakur 2Pac, Warren G 4:09

Disc two[edit | edit source]

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Ready 4 Whatever" 2Pac, Big Syke Heron, Himes, Jackson, Shakur Johnny "J" 4:05
2. "When I Get Free" 2Pac Cox, Greenidge, Rouse, Shakur We Got Kidz Productions, Ricky Rouse (co.) 4:46
3. "Hold On Be Strong" 2Pac Bailey, Beckmeier, Choo, McKay, Shakur Choo 4:11
4. "I'm Losin It" 2Pac, Big Syke, Spice 1 Green, Hardy, Himes, Pizarro, Shakur Tony Pizarro, Def Jef (co.), Levant Marcus (co.) 3:55
5. "Fake Ass Bitches" 2Pac Jackson, Shakur Johnny "J" 3:10
6. "Do for Love" 2Pac, Eric Williams Caldwell, Karlin, Kettner, Shack, Shakur Soulshock & Karlin 4:42
7. "Enemies With Me" 2Pac, Dramacydal Arrington, Beale, Carter, Clinton, Cox, Fula, Greenidge, Parker, Shakur, Shider, Spradley, Walker, Walker We Got Kidz Productions 4:15
8. "Nothin but Love" 2Pac Anderson, Craig, Shakur, Wood DJ Daryl, 2Pac 4:28
9. "16 on Death Row" 2Pac Shakur 2Pac 5:42
10. "I Wonder If Heaven Got a Ghetto (Hip-Hop Version)" 2Pac, Maxee Blackmon, Goodman, McDowell, Shakur, Troutman, Troutman Soulshock & Karlin 4:40
11. "When I Get Free II" 2Pac Clarke, Rosser, Rosser, Shakur Chris Rosser, Conrad Rosser 3:22
12. "Black Starry Night (Interlude)" - Anderson, Shakur, Troutman, Troutman DJ Daryl 0:48
13. "Only Fear of Death" 2Pac Burns, Clinton, Collins, Harding, Himes, Rivers, Shakur Walker, Worrell Live Squad 5:09
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