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Psycho Active
Psycho Active.jpg
Studio album by X-Raided


16 April 1992




Hip hop, gangsta rap, horrorcore, g-funk, West Coast hip hop




Black Market Records


Brotha Lynch Hung, Cedsing, Robert Foster (exec.), Micko Your (exec.)

X-Raided chronology


Niggaz in Black (1991)


Xorcist (1995)

Psycho Active is the debut album by American rapper X-Raided, released in 1992 on Black Market Records. The album was produced almost entirely by Brotha Lynch Hung, with the exception of one track produced by Black Market founder Cedsing. The album was recorded during a deadly conflict between X-Raided's gang the 24th Street Garden Blocc Crips and the Meadowview Bloods in Sacramento, leading to violent and threatening lyrics on the album. Most of the lyrics contain themes of violence, alcohol and marijuana use, and depictions of gang life. Several songs on the album are re-recorded versions of tracks from X-Raided's 1991 EP Niggaz in Black.

The day before the album was released, X-Raided was arrested for murder alongside four other fellow gang members. The cover of Psycho Active shows X-Raided pressing a .38-caliber handgun to his temple, which police believed was the actual murder weapon although it was never retrieved. The album received an initial limited release, and subsequently failed to reach any US Billboard charts. 

Track listing[]

All songs produced by Brotha Lynch Hung, except for "That Sickness", produced by Cedsing.

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "Tha Murder" - 0:21
2. "Still Shooting" X-Raided 4:11
3. "Call tha Guardz" X-Raided 3:20
4. "Who's tha Hoe?" X-Raided 2:40
5. "Crazy Than a Mutha Fuck" X-Raided 3:29
6. "Every Single Bitch" X-Raided 4:38
7. "Fuckin wit a Psycho" X-Raided 6:01
8. "Bitch Killa" X-Raided 3:52
9. "Everybody Killa" - 1:02
10. "Shoot Cha in a Minute" X-Raided 4:56
11. "That's How My Trigga Went" Brotha Lynch Hung, Sicx 2:12
12. "That Sickness" X-Raided, Big O, Brotha Lynch Hung, Cyco, Kaos, Young Meek 5:51