Psychic Thoughts
Psychic Thoughts
Studio album by Ganksta N-I-P


24 June 1993




Hip hop, horrorcore


Rap-A-Lot Records


John Bido, Crazy C, Ganksta N-I-P, K-Rino, Landmine Productions, James Smith (also exec.)

Ganksta N-I-P chronology


The South Park Psycho (1992)


Psychotic Genius (1996)

Psychic Thoughts is the second album by American rapper Ganksta N-I-P, released in 1993 on Rap-A-Lot Records. It was produced by Rap-A-Lot in-house producers James Smith, John Bido and Crazy C, as well as Landmine Productions, K-Rino and N-I-P himself. Psychic Thoughts proved successful, charting on three Billboard charts: #151 on the Billboard 200, #30 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and #5 on the Top Heatseekers.

Track listingEdit

Songs produced by James Smith, John Bido, Crazy C, Landmine Productions, Ganksta N-I-P and K-Rino.

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "SPC Shoutout" - 3:58
2. "Trance" Ganksta N-I-P 4:07
3. "Psychic Thoughts" Ganksta N-I-P 5:14
4. "Reporter from Hell" Ganksta N-I-P 2:15
5. "Set Up Bitches" Ganksta N-I-P, Lez Moné 4:46
6. "Only NIP Can Do It" Ganksta N-I-P 5:04
7. "Now Watch 'Em Drop" Ganksta N-I-P 4:08
8. "Strictly for the Club" Ganksta N-I-P 3:04
9. "Come into My World" Ganksta N-I-P 4:08
10. "That's How It Is: Psychic Part II" Ganksta N-I-P 4:43
11. "____ You" Ganksta N-I-P, Dope E, K-Rino, Point Blank 6:42
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