Poison Clan
Poison Clan


Miami, Florida, United States


Hip hop, Southern hip hop, dirty rap, Miami bass

Years active



Luke Records (1990-1995)
Effect Records (1990-1992)
Warlock Records (1995)
Represent Entertainment (1995)

Associated acts

2 Live Crew, Rufftown Mob

Past members

Poison Clan was an American hip hop group from Miami, Florida. The group was originally a duo consisting of rappers JT Money and Debonaire when they signed to Luke Records in 1990. They released their debut album, 2 Low Life Muthas, that same year. Debonaire left the group and was replaced by Drugz, Uzi and Madball. The group consisted of this line-up for their next two albums: Poisonous Mentality in 1992 and Ruff Town Behavior in 1993. Poison Clan added a fifth member, Big Ram, for their fourth album Strait Zooism in 1995. Despite being a group, JT Money was the main, and often only, performer on Poison Clan's albums after 2 Low Life Muthas.

In 1995, JT Money and Luke Records founder Luther Campbell had a falling out, resulting in the dissolution of the group. JT Money then embarked on a solo career, releasing several commercially successful solo albums over the following years. Madball and Uzi formed the duo Rufftown Mob and released one album in 1997.


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