P.W.A the Album... Keep It Poppin'
P.W.A. the Album… Keep It Poppin'
Studio album by 5th Ward Boyz


31 August 1999




Hip hop




Rap-A-Lot Records


E-Rock, Grizz, J. Prince (exec.), Mr. Lee, O.G. Dewey (exec.)

5th Ward Boyz chronology


Usual Suspects (1997)


Recognize the Mob (2001)

P.W.A. the Album... Keep It Poppin' is the fifth studio album by American hip hop group 5th Ward Boyz, released in 1999 on Rap-A-Lot Records. The album was mostly produced by Derek "Grizz" Edwards, with Mr. Lee and 5th Ward Boyz member E-Rock also providing production. It was the group's only Rap-A-Lot album to not feature production work from Mike Dean.

Keep It Poppin' peaked at #125 on the Billboard 200, becoming their second highest chart position after Gangsta Funk and also their final charting album. It would end up being the group's final album for Rap-A-Lot, as the 5th Ward Boyz would leave the label after the album's release.

Track listingEdit

No. TItle Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "PWA Intro" - - 0:52
2. "Pussy Poppin'" 007, E-Rock, Lo Life Grizz 3:49
3. "Jealous" 007, E-Rock, Lo Life Grizz 4:21
4. "Get wit U" 007, E-Rock, Lo Life, Kuirshan Grizz 3:56
5. "Act a Donkey" 007, E-Rock, Lo Life, Ghetto Twiinz Mr. Lee 4:11
6. "Til' They Kill Me" 007, E-Rock, Lo Life Grizz 3:57
7. "Buckin'" 007, E-Rock, Lo Life Grizz 4:51
8. "Hedpusefingtip'nlips" 007, E-Rock, Lo Life, Rapsta E-Rock 4:25
9. "See Us Ball" 007, E-Rock, Lo Life Grizz 3:36
10. "That's My CD" - - 0:27
11. "Rhyme or Crime" 007, E-Rock, Lo Life Grizz 3:39
12. "Fear No Man" 007, E-Rock, Lo Life Mr. Lee 4:19
13. "Thug & Dangerous" 007, E-Rock, Lo Life, Yukmouth Grizz 4:20
14. "PWA" 007, E-Rock, Lo Life, Devin the Dude, Willie D Mr. Lee 5:49
15. "Anotha Ho" 007, E-Rock, Lo Life Grizz 5:07
16. "Immortal 2K" 007, E-Rock, Lo Life, Outlawz Grizz 3:25
17. "All the Same" 007, E-Rock, Lo Life, Big Syke, Kuirshan Grizz 4:02
18. "S.A. Partner" 007, E-Rock, Lo Life, 13 Strong Grizz 4:42
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