Off the Hook Part 2: Underground Famous
Off the Hook Part 2
Studio album by B-1




Hip hop, Southern hip hop


Martell Music/One Time Records


Black Mike, Daron Booker (exec.), Cigarello, Crawfish, D.Flu, David "Soup D" Martell (exec.), P.Z, Shrimp Zetti, Swab

B-1 chronology


Off the Hook (2004)


There Can Only B-1 (2010)

Off the Hook Part 2: Underground Famous is the second studio album by American rapper B-1, released in 2005 on Martell Music and One Time Records. It serves as a sequel to his debut album, Off the Hook, released the previous year. 

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Intro" DJ Mason Storm - 1:31
2. "Shells n My Shotgun" B-1, K-Rino, Mon Campbell D.Flu 4:24
3. "There Can Only B-1" B-1 Cigarello 3:48
4. "My Shit Be On" B-1 D.Flu 2:48
5. "Bob Yo Head" B-1 Shrimp Zetti 1:03
6. "Watcha Finna Do" B-1, Caper, Mon Campbell, Pimp Game Shane 4:31
7. "Ball wit My Homies" B-1, Black Mike Black Mike 4:16
8. "Skit" - - 0:46
9. "Time Is Money" B-1, Soup D, Swab, Top Dogg P.Z, Swab 3:53
10. "Hogg Nigga" B-1 Cigarello 2:52
11. "Grown Azz Man" B-1, IWill Crawfish 3:39
12. "If I Only Knew" B-1 Cigarello 4:00
13. "Feel Like Givin Up" B-1, Caper Black Mike 5:14
14. "Outro" - - 0:47
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