O.G. Style
O.G. Style2

Birth name

Eric Woods

Also known as

Prince Ezzy-E, Original E


5 July 1970


Houston, Texas, United States


3 January 2008
Houston, Texas, United States


Hip hop, Southern hip hop



Years active



Rap-A-Lot, Zone, Hard Edge

Eric Woods (5 July 1970 - 3 January 2008), better known by his stage name O.G. Style, was an American rapper from Houston, Texas. He began his career in 1986 using the stage name Prince Ezzy-E. He was a local celebrity in Houston due to his local college radio hits and his MC battles at area high school and block parties. 

In 1989, Woods changed his name to Original E after the emergence of Compton rapper Eazy-E. He met producer and DJ Big Boss, and the two became known as O.G. Style. In 1991, they released their debut and only album I Know How to Play 'Em! on Rap-A-Lot Records and enjoyed some moderate success with the single "Catch 'Em Slippin'". After the duo broke up, Woods kept the name O.G. Style as a solo artist. He released two solo albums: I Still Know How to Play'Em!!! in 2000 and Return of da Game in 2004.

Woods was working on a third solo album when, on 2 January 2008, he was rushed to St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital with a severe brain aneurysm. Woods is survived by his estranged wife Shelley, including one child from their union, his remaining four children, three siblings, and his father. His son Eric plans on completing the album that Woods' left unfinished. 


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