O.G. Original Gangster
O.G. Original Gangster
Studio album by Ice-T


14 May 1991


1990-1991 at Syndicate Studios West, Widetracks, Dodge City and Fox Run Studios (Los Angeles)


Hip hop, gangsta rap, heavy metal, Hardcore hip hop, political hip hop, East Coast hip hop




Sire/Warner Bros.


Afrika Islam, Beatmaster V, Bilal Bashir, DJ Aladdin, Ice-T, Nat the Cat, SLJ

Ice-T chronology


The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech...Just Watch What You Say (1989)


Home Invasion (1993)

O.G. Original Gangster is the fourth album by American rapper Ice-T, released in 1991 on Sire Records. The album has been praised by many as the artist's best, and over the years has been seen as a classic West Coast hip hop album. It's most prominent tracks were featured in the film New Jack City, which stars Ice-T and was released two months earlier. The album also introduces Ice-T's band Body Count, whose thrash metal sound is in sharp contrast to the rest of the album's material.

It peaked at #15 on the Billboard 200 and #9 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. The entire album was made into a film, titled O.G. The Original Gangster Video.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Home of the Bodybag" Ice-T DJ Aladdin, SLJ, Ice-T 2:12
2. "First Impression" - Ice-T 0:45
3. "Ziplock" Ice-T Afrika Islam, Ice-T 1:20
4. "Mic Contract" Ice-T DJ Aladdin, SLJ, Ice-T 4:24
5. "Mind Over Matter" Ice-T DJ Aladdin, Ice-T 4:12
6. "New Jack Hustler" Ice-T DJ Aladdin, Ice-T 4:43
7. "Ed" Ice-T Beatmaster V, Nat the Cat, Ice-T 1:10
8. "Bitches 2" Ice-T DJ Aladdin, SLJ, Ice-T 5:24
9. "Straight Up Nigga" Ice-T DJ Aladdin, SLJ, Ice-T 3:43
10. "O.G. Original Gangster" Ice-T DJ Aladdin, SLJ, Ice-T 4:13
11. "The House" Ice-T DJ Aladdin, Ice-T 0:57
12. "Evil E - What About Sex?" - Ice-T 0:46
13. "Fly By" Ice-T, Nat the Cat, Donald D Afrika Islam, Ice-T 3:29
14. "Midnight" Ice-T DJ Aladdin, SLJ 5:49
15. "Fried Chicken" Ice-T DJ Aladdin, SLJ 1:00
16. "M.V.P.s" Ice-T Afrika Islam, Ice-T 4:20
17. "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" Ice-T Afrika Islam, Ice-T 3:51
18. "Body Count" Ice-T Ice-T 6:07
19. "Prepared to Die" Ice-T Ice-T 0:39
20. "Escape from the Killing Fields" Ice-T Afrika Islam, Ice-T 2:36
21. "Street Killer" Ice-T DJ Aladdin, SLJ, Ice-T 0:41
22. "Pulse of the Rhyme" Ice-T DJ Aladdin, Ice-T 4:17
23. "The Tower" Ice-T Bilal Bashir, Ice-T 3:58
24. "You Shoulda Killed Me Last Year" Ice-T Ice-T 1:41
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