No One Can Do It Better
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Studio album by The D.O.C.


June 16, 1989




Audio Achievements
(Torrance, California)


Hip hop, West Coast hip hop




Ruthless / Atlantic Records


Dr. Dre, Eazy-E (exec.)

The D.O.C. chronology


Helter Skelter (1996)

No One Can Do It Better is the debut album by American rapper The D.O.C.. It was released on June 16, 1989, on Ruthless Records. After splitting from his group Fila Fresh Crew, he began to associate himself with N.W.A and made significant written contributions to their album Straight Outta Compton and Eazy-E's album Eazy-Duz-It. Although The D.O.C. was associated with N.W.A, one of the most notorious gangsta rap groups, No One Can Do It Better features minimal cursing and a much broader subject matter than most West Coast hip hop albums at the time. It was released with a parental advisory sticker because of the lyrics on the song "The Grand Finale", which features members of N.W.A. 

The album is best known for its single "It's Funky Enough", which has been sampled in over 100 songs. No One Can Do It Better stayed at #one on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart for two weeks, while it peaked in the Top 20 on the Billboard 200 chart. It was certified gold by the RIAA three months after it was released and went platinum in 1994. The album then went on to sell more than 1,500,000 copies as of now.

This was the only album The D.O.C. was able to record before he damaged his larynx in a car accident; in recent years, however, he has been undergoing vocal surgery to restore his voice. He would not release another album until 1996's Helter Skelter.

Tracklisting[edit | edit source]

All songs produced by Dr. Dre.

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Time
1. "It's Funky Enough" The D.O.C. Curry 4:29
2. "Mind Blowin'" The D.O.C. Curry 3:35
3. "Lend Me an Ear" The D.O.C. Curry 3:20
4. "Comm. Blues" - - 2:22
5. "Let the Bass Go" The D.O.C. Curry 3:41
6. "Beautiful but Deadly" The D.O.C. Curry 5:10
7. "The D.O.C. & the Doctor" The D.O.C. Curry 4:06
8. "No One Can Do It Better" The D.O.C. Curry 4:50
9. "Whirlwind Pyramid" The D.O.C. Curry 3:45
10. "Comm. 2" - - 1:20
11. "The Formula" The D.O.C. Curry 4:11
12. "Portrait of a Master Piece" The D.O.C. Curry 2:30
13. "The Grand Finalé" Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, MC Ren, Eazy-E, The D.O.C. Curry, Jackson, Patterson 4:40


  • Keyboards performed by Andre "L.A. Dre" Bolton.
  • Guitar and bass performed by Stan "The Guitar Man
  • Additional vocals performed by Dr. Dre, Krazy Dee, Michel'le, J. J. Fad, and Yomo and Markie.
  • Track 4 features drums performed by DJ Yella.
  • Track 10 features drums performed by DJ Yella.
  • Track 13 features drums performed by DJ Yella.

Credits[edit | edit source]

  • Art Direction: Bob Defrin
  • Engineer: Donovan "The Dirtbiker" Sound
  • Mastered by: Big Bass Brian
  • Photography: David Roth

Album liner notes[edit | edit source]

Special Thanks 2 Mothers of the universe, Ariah, Donnell Cherry, Marcus Cox, T. Lowe, Mario (Smooth) Johnson, T.J., D.J. Earthquake, D. Town, Dazzlin Pran, Anthony Frazier, Joseph Frazier, Gene Simmons, David Simmons, Desire, Fresh K, Darnell, Victor Bell, KNON-FM, Nemesis, Sir Snoopy, K-Kole, The Rockets, Chuck D., Johnny Blade, U Know Who. "It's On You Homies" Don't Stop!

Xxtra Special Thanks 2 The Almighty Father, my entire family, M.C. Ren, Ice Cube, D.J. Yella, Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, J.J. Fad, Stan, Michel'le, L.A. Dre, Lay Law, DJ Speed, Madeleine & Donovan Smith, Sylvia Rhone, Yomo & Markie, Russ Parr, Mike Sims, KJ Mustafa, Melvin Swint, CSS, Rodney G., Atron Gregory, Ken & Barbie Heller.

Xxtra Xxtra Special Thanks 2 Alma Curry, The West Dallas Projects in it's entirety and all those who did believe I must achieve.
–The D.O.C.

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