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Niggaz in Black
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EP by X-Raided Loc




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24 Deep Productions


Brotha Lynch Hung

X-Raided Loc chronology


Psycho Active (1992)

Niggaz in Black is an EP and debut release by American rapper X-Raided Loc, released in 1991 on 24 Deep Productions. The album is alternatively spelt Niggaz in Blacc. It was produced entirely by Brotha Lynch Hung, who also makes a guest appearance alongside Sicx on the song "That's How My Trigger Went". Brotha Lynch Hung also hand drew the album's cover.

The album was pressed exclusively on cassette, and received a limited release in the Sacramento area.

Track listing[]

All songs produced by Brotha Lynch Hung.

No. TItle Performer(s)
1. "Niggas in Blacc" X-Raided Loc
2. "Crazy Than a Mutha Fucc" X-Raided Loc
3. "Shoot Cha in a Minute" X-Raided Loc
4. "Who's the Hoe?" X-Raided Loc
5. "That's How My Trigger Went" Brotha Lynch Hung, Sicx
6. "I'm Outta Here" X-Raided Loc