Nationwide Rip Ridaz
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Studio album by Nationwide Rip Ridaz


26 September 1995




Hip hop




D. Fingaz, Leroy Dukes, Dillion Gorman, Ronnie M. Phillips (also exec.), Tweedy Bird Loc, N. Wood

Nationwide Rip Ridaz chronology


Betrayed (Can't Trust Nobody) (1999)

Nationwide Rip Ridaz is the debut album by American hip hop group Nationwide Rip Ridaz, released in 1995 on Dangerous Records

Track listing[edit | edit source]

All songs produced by Ronnie M. Phillips, Tweedy Bird Loc, D. Fingaz and Leroy Dukes, except for "Bullets Don't Have No Names", produced by Dillion Gorman and N. Wood.

No. Title Performer(s) Length
1. "Throw the C's in the Air" Twin Loc 3:07
2. "Nationwide Rip Ridaz" Broncoe, Big Freeze, Twin Loc, Scarface, G-Bone, AWOL, Koolay, Cixx Pac 5:40
3. "Swervin' Thru the Eastside" ? 3:35
4. "What We Celieve In" Twin Loc, Broncoe, Big Freeze 3:35
5. "Crip Keeper" ? 6:18
6. "Everything Gonna C Alright" Cixx Pac, AWOL, Twin Loc, Scarface, G-Bone, Broncoe, Big Freeze 6:46
7. "Break-A-Slob-Down" G-Bone, AWOL 4:04
8. "Skits" - 0:55
9. "Slobs Keep on Slippin' (Remix)"  ? 6:06
10. "Niggaz Don't Want No Problem" G-Bone, AWOL, Scarface 4:31
11. "Little Blue Devil" ? 4:00
12. "Compton Nut" AWOL 4:00
13. "Atlantic Dr Hoo Ride" Scarface, G-Bone 3:30
14. "Sess in the Daytime, Chronic at Night" Broncoe 3:11
15. "Roll Call (Skit)" - 1:49
16. "Bullets Don't Have No Names" John John, The Originals 5:09
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