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Chops, DJ Ran, Militant Mind State

Munk wit da Funk chronology


I Been Here I'm Stayin (1995)

Money is the second EP by American rapper Munk wit da Funk, released in 1998 on Illadelph Records. It was originally released as a single for the song "Money", but was re-released in 1998 with two new songs, a remix of "Money" and two instrumentals. The album features production work and vocals by members of Militant Mind State.

The song "Money" was originally released as "Life of Luxury" in 1995 on Munk wit da Funk's debut EP I Been Here I'm Stayin, but was re-worked and re-released on this album.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s)
1. "Money" Munk wit da Funk, Dina Pullen DJ Ran
2. "Learickly" Munk wit da Funk, Stewy Nuke'em Militant Mind State
3. "True Hip Hop" Munk wit da Funk Militant Mind State
4. "Money (Remix)" Munk wit da Funk, Altovise Chops
5. "Money (Instrumental)" - DJ Ran
6. "Learickly (Instrumental)" - Militant Mind State
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