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Masta Ace Incorporated
Masta Ace Incorporated.jpg

Also known as

The I.N.C.


Brooklyn, New York, United States


Hip hop

Years active



Delicious Vinyl

Past members

  • Eyce
  • Leschea
  • Lord Digga
  • Masta Ace
  • Paula Perry
  • Rokkdiesel
  • Uneek

Masta Ace Incorporated was an American hip hop group formed by Masta Ace. The group, also known as The INC, consisted of Lord Digga, Paula Perry, the trio Eyceurokk (Eyce, Uneek, Rokkdiesel) and R&B vocalist Leschea. Ace first gained popularity on the hip hop scene as a member of the Juice Crew, and released his debut album, Take a Look Around, in 1990, which featured members of Eyceurokk. 

In 1992, Ace formed the Incorporated crew, and they released their debut album, SlaughtaHouse, the following year. Ace provided almost all of the rapping, with Lord Digga serving as his hype-man. Digga was also responsible for the bulk of the production work, producing five of the album's songs as part of the duo Bluez Brothers. Paula Perry was the main performer on the song "Who U Jackin'?", Leschea performed vocals for "Don't Fuck Around (Outro)", and Eyceurokk performed on "Slaughtahouse", "Ain't U da Masta" and "Saturday Nite Live". The album was highly acclaimed, but sold only moderately well. Eyceurokk split from the crew after the album's release.

In 1995, Masta Ace Incorporated released their second album, Sittin' on Chrome. It featured the Billboard Hot 100 singles "Born to Roll", "The I.N.C. Ride" and "Sittin' on Chrome". The album featured a song that Ace called "Brooklyn bass music". It was highly acclaimed, and sold better than their previous album, but still wasn't able to sell many units. The crew split up in 1996 after Ace began having personal conflicts with Lord Digga and Paula Perry.