Studio album by Madvillain


23 March 2004


2002-2004 at Bionic (Los Angeles), The Bomb Shelter (Los Angeles) and DOOM's crib (Atlanta)


Hip hop, alternative hip hop




Stones Throw


Madlib, MF DOOM, Peanut Butter Wolf (exec.)

Madvillainy is the debut album by American hip hop duo Madvillain, released in 2004 on Stones Throw Records. Featuring vocals performed by MF DOOM and production by Madlib, it received universal acclaim from music critics for its unique and innovative approach to hip hop; short tracks, abstract lyrics, few choruses and a sound generally unfriendly to commercial radio. 

The album achieved moderate commercial success, peaking at #179 on the Billboard 200, and attracted much attention from media outlets not usually covering hip hop music.


All songs produced by Madlib, except for "The Illest Villains", produced by Madlib and MF DOOM.

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Time
1. "The Illest Villains" - Dumile, Jackson 1:55
2. "Accordion" MF DOOM Dumile, Jackson 1:59
3. "Meat Grinder" MF DOOM Dumile, Jackson 2:12
4. "Bistro" MF DOOM Dumile, Jackson 1:08
5. "Raid" MF DOOM, M.E.D. Dumile, Jackson, Rodriguez 2:31
6. "America's Most Blunted" MF DOOM, Lord Quas Dumile, Jackson 3:54
7. "Sickfit (Inst.)" - Jackson 1:22
8. "Rainbows" MF DOOM Dumile, Jackson 2:52
9. "Curls" MF DOOM Dumile, Jackson 1:36
10. "Do Not Fire! (Inst.)" - Jackson 0:53
11. "Money Folder" MF DOOM Dumile, Jackson 3:03
12. "Shadows of Tomorrow" MadlibLord Quas Dumile, Jackson 2:36
13. "Operation Lifesaver aka Mint Test" MF DOOM Dumile, Jackson 1:30
14. "Figaro" MF DOOM Dumile, Jackson 2:26
15. "Hardcore Hustle" Wildchild Brown, Dumile, Jackson 1:22
16. "Strange Ways" MF DOOM Dumile, Jackson 1:52
17. "Fancy Clown" MF DOOM, Viktor Vaughn Dumile, Jackson 1:56
18. "Eye" Stacy Epps Dumile, Jackson 1:58
19. "Supervillain Theme (Inst.)" - Jackson 0:53
20. "All Caps" MF DOOM Dumile, Jackson 2:10
21. "Great Day" MF DOOM Dumile, Jackson, Lord Scotch 79 2:17
22. "Rhinestone Cowboy" MF DOOM Dumile, Jackson 4:00


  • Track 17 features additional vocals performed by Allah's Reflection.
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