Love & Hate
Love & Hate.jpg
Studio album by Aceyalone


3 June 2003


Hip hop




Project Blowed, Decon


Airborn Audio, Joey Chavez, DJ Drez, El-P, Fat Jack, Kiilu Grand, PMG, Riddlore?, RJD2

Aceyalone chronology


Hip Hop and the World We Live In (2002)


Magnificent City (2006)

Love & Hate is the fifth studio album by American rapper Aceyalone, released in 2003 on Project Blowed and Decon. The album sees Aceyalone reuniting with several of his early collaborators, including former fellow Freestyle Fellowship member Self Jupiter and Good Life Cafe attendees Abstract Rude, Big Arch and Riddlore?.

The album reached #31 on the Billboard Independent Albums chart. A music video was made for the song "Moonlit Skies".

Track listing[edit | edit source]

No. TItle Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Love and Hate Theme" - DJ Drez 1:33
2. "Junkman" Aceyalone PMG 3:53
3. "Let Me Hear Summ" Aceyalone, Casual, Big Arch PMG 4:14
4. "Lost Your Mind" Aceyalone RJD2 4:02
5. "In Stereo" Aceyalone PMG 3:19
6. "Takeoff" Aceyalone RJD2 3:58
7. "Love and Hate" Aceyalone PMG 3:35
8. "The Saga Continues" Aceyalone, Abstract Rude Fat Jack 5:05
9. "Moonlit Skies" Aceyalone, Goapele RJD2 4:17
10. "Ace Cowboy" Aceyalone, The Soul of John Black Kiilu Grand 5:30
11. "So Much Pain" Aceyalone, Riddlore?, Self Jupiter Riddlore? 4:30
12. "Find Out" Aceyalone, Riddlore? Riddlore? 3:40
13. "City of Shit" Aceyalone, El-P El-P 3:45
14. "Lights Out" Aceyalone, Airborn Audio Airborn Audio 3:52
15. "Ms. Amerikkka" Aceyalone Joey Chavez 4:24
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