Lost Generation
Lost Generation
Studio album by Afrika Bambaataa & the SoulSonic Force




Hip hop, electro


The Perfect Beat Records/Hot Productions, Inc.


Paul Klein (exec.), John Robie, Henry Stone (exec.), Joe Stone (exec.)

Afrika Bambaataa & the SoulSonic Force chronology


Planet Rock - The Album (1986)

Lost Generation is the second studio album by American hip hop group Afrika Bambaataa & the SoulSonic Force, released in 1996 on The Perfet Beat Records and Hot Productions, Inc.

Track listingEdit

All songs produced by John Robie.

No. Title Time
1. "Lost Generation" 4:40
2. "Bang Bang" 7:54
3. "Sex Is the Best" 5:02
4. "Who's in the House" 5:36
5. "Blowin' Up (Bring the Ruckus)" 3:02
6. "Rock Whatcha Got" 5:14
7. "Suffer" 5:48
8. "That's Not Right" 6:26
9. "Do the Wrong Thang" 7:44
10. "Planet Rock '96" 8:12
11. "For What It's Worth" 6:31
12. "What More U Want" 6:02
13. "Omious Isthmus" 6:45
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