London Posse
London Posse
Rodney P & Bionic


London, England


Hip hop, British hip hop

Years active


Associated acts

Dobie, MC Mell'O', Sparki, The Nextmen, Tricky

Past members

  • Bionic
  • DJ Biznezz
  • Rodney P
  • Sipho the Human Beatbox

London Posse was an English hip hop group, and one of the earliest and most influential groups in the English hip hop scene. The foursome was specifically assembled to tour with Mick Jones of The Clash while he was in the United States. London Posse had some success with their eponymous debut single, produced by radio DJ Tim Westwood, which told the story of their trip to New York. Following the tour, Sipho and DJ Biznezz left the group, reducing the group to a duo consisting of Rodney P and Bionic.

The duo went on to release the classic UK hip hop album Gangster Chronicle in 1990. After releasing a slew of singles, Bionic left the group in the late-1990s to pursue a career as a jungle MC. Rodney P started his career as a solo artist after the group split, and released his only solo album, The Future, in 2002..


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