Living on the Edge of Insanity (The Life Album)
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Studio album by Toddy Tee




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DJ Loom T, The Park Boyz, Toddy Tee

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Living on the Edge of Insanity (The Life Album) is the debut studio album by American rapper Toddy Tee, released in 1992 on Pump Records. Toddy Tee had previously come to prominence through the release of five singles in the 1980s, most notably "Batterram". After a tenure as a member of Rhyme Syndicate, Toddy Tee signed to Pump Records and began recording his first album.

The album was not commercially successful, and is rare to find. It is yet to receive a repressing, so the only physical copies of it in existence are from the original 1992 pressing on CD and cassette. 

Track listing[edit | edit source]

All songs produced by DJ Loom T, The Park Boyz and Toddy Tee.

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "If Your Friends Seen Me (What Would I Be)" Toddy Tee 3:26
2. "Another Wasted Life" - 1:29
3. "I Did So Much Dirt" Toddy Tee 3:25
4. "Are We Too Young to Die" Toddy Tee 5:17
5. "We're Up to No Good" Toddy Tee, Fred Duff 4:42
6. "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" Toddy Tee, Cixx Pac, Cuicide, Koollay, X-Con 6:32
7. "Living on the Edge of Insanity" Toddy Tee 4:30
8. "Only the Wise Live Long" Toddy Tee 4:33
9. "It Could Have Been Me" Toddy Tee, Cha' Mian 4:57
10. "I Wanna Do Something Freaky to You" Toddy Tee, Leon Haywood 4:07
11. "That Was Then, This Is Now" Toddy Tee 4:03
12. "Is the Coochie Good" Toddy Tee 4:39
13. "They Want the Money" Toddy Tee 4:38
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