Livin' Legend
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Studio album by B.G.


25 February 2003




Hip hop, gangsta rap, Southern hip hop




Chopper City Records/Koch Records


B.G. (also exec.), DJ Smurf, Ke'Noe, Kidd, Soulja, T. Smooth

B.G. chronology


Checkmate (2000)


Life After Cash Money (2004)

Livin' Legend is the sixth studio album by American rapper B.G., released in 2003 on Chopper City Records and Koch Records. It is his first release on his own imprint Chopper City, and also his first album not released on Cash Money Records, which he left two years earlier. The lack of Cash Money input on the album also means that it is his first album not produced entirely by in-house producer Mannie Fresh. Instead, the majority of the album is produced by Kidd. It features guest appearances from a variety of B.G.'s artists, many of whom later became members of The Chopper City Boyz. The album was released with a second disc that featured bootleg tracks with no production credits supplied.

Livin' Legend peaked at #4 on the US Billboard 200, and #21 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts. 

Track listing[edit | edit source]

Disc one[edit | edit source]

No. TItle Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Fuck U (Intro)" - Kidd 1:54
2. "I'm Out Here" B.G., Hakim, Sniper Kidd, B.G. 4:30
3. "Clean Up Man, Pt. 2" B.G. Kidd, B.G. 2:26
4. "I Keep It Gangsta" B.G. Kidd, B.G. 4:44
5. "Hottest of the Hot" B.G. Kidd 4:36
6. "The Club Scene (Skit)" - - 0:45
7. "Batt'em Up" B.G., GAR, Red Kidd 5:20
8. "Only 4 U" B.G., Wyndi T. Smooth 4:03
9. "Real Niggas and Real Bitches" B.G. Kidd 4:01
10. "Do What You Do" B.G., Hakim Soulja 4:15
11. "Let It Flow" B.G., Hakim, GAR, Sniper, Wyndi T. Smooth 4:45
12. "R.I.P." B.G. T. Smooth 4:04
13. "My Son & Daughter" B.G. Kidd 4:32
14. "Just Like That" B.G. Kidd 4:27
15. "Duckin' the Law" B.G., Sniper, Hakim Kidd 4:01
16. "Shoot'em Up & Bang Bang, Pt. 2" B.G. Ke'Noe 5:36
17. "Reality Check, Pt. 2" B.G. Kidd 5:54
18. "Hottest of the Hot (Michael "Beat-n-Azz" Crooms Remix)" B.G. DJ Smurf 4:01

Disc two[edit | edit source]

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "Keep It Real" B.G., GAR 4:07
2. "Bling Bling Slim" B.G. 3:25
3. "That's What I Want" B.G. 3:54
4. "Fuck That Shit" B.G. 4:57
5. "For tha Money" B.G., GAR 5:04
6. "Jack Who, Take What?" B.G. 3:11
7. "Thought I Was Gone" B.G. 5:17
8. "Been Doin' This" B.G. 4:04
9. "Catch the Wall" B.G., Hakim 4:18
10. "Replacement Killers" B.G., Ke'Noe, Wood 4:35
11. "In the Hood" B.G. 2:46
12. "The Second Line" B.G. 4:29
13. "U Not My Dog" B.G., Soulja Slim 2:28
14. "However U Want It" B.G., GAR, Hakim 4:11
15. "Throw Your Hands Up" B.G., Hakim 4:23
16. "Reality Check, Pt. 1" B.G. 4:30
17. "Hottest of the Hot (Clinton Sparks Remix)" B.G. 4:15
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