Live from the Styleetron
Live from the Styleetron
Studio album by Raw Fusion


12 November 1991


Hip hop, West Coast hip hop




Hollywood BASIC


Raw Fusion, The Underground

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Hoochiefied Funk (1994)

Live from the Styleetron is the debut album by American hip hop duo Raw Fusion, released in 1991 on Hollywood BASIC. It features numerous appearances from fellow members of Digital Underground, including frontman Shock G and 2Pac in some of his earliest commercial appearances. The album features a vastly different sound that was typical from Digital Underground, and mostly includes jazzy samples and more hardcore lyrics. 

The album failed to sell well, and the only Billboard chart it reached was the Heatseekers, where it reached #32. The single "Throw Your Hands in the Air" became a minor radio hit in the San Francisco metro area and had a music video that was the first major production by the Hughes Brothers. A music video was also made for "Rockin' to the P.M." that features cameo apperances from members of Digital Underground.

Track listingEdit

All songs performed by Money-B, and produced by Raw Fusion, except for "Rockin' to the P.M.", co-produced by The Underground.

No. Title Time
1. "Live from the Styleetron" 3:07
2. "Hip Hop / Stylee Expression" 4:07
3. "Don't Test" 5:29
4. "Do My Thang" 6:05
5. "Ah Nah Go Drip" 6:34
6. "Nappy Headed Ninja" 4:31
7. "Kill Mi Dead" 4:55
8. "Rockin' to the P.M." 7:02
9. "Hang Time" 4:59
10. "Traffic Jam" 5:20
11. "Funkintoyoear" 4:39
12. "Wild Francis" 5:49
13. "Throw Your Hands in the Air" 4:31
14. "#1 with a Bullet" 3:39


  • Track 4 features additional vocals performed by DJ Fuze, Humpty Hump, Mac-Mone, Saafir and Shock G.
  • Track 5 features saxophone performed by Jessica Jones.
  • Track 6 features guitar performed by Sunny-B.
  • Track 7 feature guitar and bass performed by Pee-Wee.
  • Track 8 features piano performed by The Piano Man, and beatbox performed by DJ Fuze.
  • Track 11 features additional vocals performed by Bigg Money Odis, Pee-Wee, Shmoovy Shmoov and Shock G.
  • Track 13 features piano performed by The Piano Man.
  • Track 14 features additional vocals performed by DJ Fuze and 2Pac.
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