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Live Hard
Live Hard.jpg
EP by The Show & A Experience


13 November 2007


2007 at Headqcourterz Studios (NY, NY)


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E-Blaze, Show

Show & A.G. chronology


Full Scale LP (1998)


Mugshot Music (2012)

Live Hard is an EP by American hip hop duo Show & A.G. (credited as The Show & A Experience), released in 2007 on D.I.T.C. Records. The EP is the first material the duo released since their 1998 Full Scale LP, and is supposed to be a prelude to an upcoming full-length album. Live Hard features DJ Premier's scratches on the song "Business as Usual" and fellow D.I.T.C. member O.C. on "Land of the Free". 

The album received positive reviews from music critics.

Track listing[]

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Business as Usual" A.G. Barnes, LeMay Show 2:58
2. "Can't Relate" A.G. Barnes, LeMay Show 2:35
3. "The World Is Listening" A.G. Barnes, LeMay Show 3:25
4. "Running Man" A.G. Barnes, LeMay Show 3:04
5. "Land of the Free" A.G., O.C. Barnes, Credle, LeMay Show 2:49
6. "Live Hard" A.G. Barnes, LeMay Show 2:45
7. "Magic" A.G. Barnes, Blaze E-Blaze 2:29
8. "Business as Usual (Instrumental)" - Barnes, LeMay Show 3:00
9. "Can't Relate (Instrumental)" - Barnes, LeMay Show 2:33
10. "The World Is Listening (Instrumental)" - Barnes, LeMay Show 3:26
11. "Land of the Free (Instrumental)" - Barnes, Credle, LeMay Show 2:49
12. "Live Hard (Instrumental)" - Barnes, LeMay Show 2:44


  • Track 1 features scratches performed by DJ Premier.