Life in the Ghetto
Life in the Ghetto
Studio album by Cool C




1989-1990 at Kajem Victory Studios


Hip hop




Lawrence Goodman, Steady B

Cool C chronology


I Gotta Habit (1989)

Life in the Ghetto is the second album by American rapper Cool C, released in 1990 on Atlantic Records. It is Cool C's final solo album, but he did contribute to the album Countin' Endless Bank in 1993 as a member of the group C.E.B. before he committed a bank robbery in 1996 and was sentenced to death for the murder of a police officer. The album was not as successful as his 1989 debut album I Gotta Habit, but was able to peak at #72 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.


All songs produced by Steady B and Lawrence Goodman.

No. Title Performer(s) Time.
1. "Opening" - 0:13
2. "Genesis" - 0:54
3. "Star of the Show" Cool C 2:58
4. "Ya Feeling Alright" Cool C 4:04
5. "Life in the Ghetto" Cool C 4:13
6. "Watch Your Back" Cool C 3:57
7. "For Your Information" Cool C 3:00
8. "Back 'n' Forth" Cool C, DJ Ultimate Ease, E Marbles, Jo Jo Dancer, Lawrence Goodman, Mentally Gifted, Steady B 3:57
9. "Pump It Up Now" Cool C, Steady B 3:52
10. "Agony of Defeat" Cool C 2:37
11. "If You Really Love Me" Cool C 4:48
12. "Shining Star" Cool C 3:26
13. "Carousel Chanel" - 1:52
14. "Mind Ya Bizness" Cool C 4:20
15. "Hilltop Scope II" Cool C 3:21
16. "Answers" - 0:53
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