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Life Force Radio
Life Force Radio.jpg
Studio album by Afu-Ra


21 May 2002


Hip hop




In the Paint Records/Koch Records


The Arabian Knight, Ayatollah, Curt Cazal, D&D (exec.), DJ Premier (also exec.), Domingo, Easy Mo Bee, Eric S, Kenny Muhammed, Needles, True Master, Woogie

Afu-Ra chronology


Body of the Life Force (2000)


State of the Arts (2005)

Life Force Radio is the second studio album by American rapper Afu-Ra, released in 2002 on In the Paint Records and Koch Records. The album was produced by DJ Premier, who also served as executive producer, Easy Mo Bee, Needlz, True Master and Ayatollah, amongst others. Guest appearances are made by Big Daddy Kane, RZA, Guru and M.O.P., amongst others.

The album peaked at #184 on the Billboard 200, and #29 on the Rop R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts. Its only single, "Crossfire", peaked at #56 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart.

Track listing[]

No. TItle Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Asun/The Message" Asun the Black Sun Woogie 1:21
2. "Scat Man" Afu-Ra Eric S 3:17
3. "Stick Up" Afu-Ra, Big Daddy Kane Curt Cazal 3:43
4. "Hip Hop" Afu-Ra Easy Mo Bee 4:07
5. "Crossfire" Afu-Ra, M.O.P. Eric S 4:37
6. "Open" Afu-Ra, Teena Marie Domingo 4:22
7. "Lyrical Monster" Afu-Ra DJ Premier 3:49
8. "Miss You" Afu-Ra Needles 4:20
9. "Perverted Monks" Afu-Ra Easy Mo Bee 3:51
10. "Ghetto City Streets (Skit)" - - 1:22
11. "Readjustmen" Afu-Ra Easy Mo Bee 4:20
12. "1,2,3" Afu-Ra Curt Cazal 4:51
13. "Think Before You..." Afu-Ra, Jahdan Ayatollah 4:09
14. "Aural Fixation" Afu-Ra, Kenny Muhammed Kenny Muhammed 4:20
15. "Sacred Wars" Afu-Ra, Don Parmazhane, The Blob The Arabian Knight 3:56
16. "Dangerous Language" Afu-Ra, RZA, Bobby Digital True Master 3:53
17. "Blvd." Afu-Ra, Guru DJ Premier 3:56