Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em
Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em
Studio album by Eric B. & Rakim


22 May 1990


1989-1990 at Power Play Studios (Long Island, NY), Libra Digital Sound (Long Island, NY), Skip Saylor Recording (Hollywood, CA) and A&M Studios (Hollywood, CA)


Hip hop






Patrick Adams, Eric B. & Rakim, Stevie Blass Griffin, Large Professor, Paul C

Eric B. & Rakim chronology


Follow the Leader (1988)


Don't Sweat the Technique (1992)

Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em is the third album by American hip hop duo Eric B. & Rakim, released in 1990 on MCA Records. The group's sound develops further, with Rakim adopting a deeper, more aggressive tone of voice, and more mature and serious subject matter. Musically, the production ranges from introspective soulful tracks such as "In the Ghetto" to the hard-edged assault of the title track.

The back cover features a dedication to the memories of Rakim's father William Griffin and producer Paul C, who had worked on many of the album's songs before his murder in July 1989. His protégé, Large Professor, completed his work, but neither receive any production credit in the liner notes.

Despite the fact that it didn't produce any singles as popular as the duo's previous albums, it is considered by many to be their most coherent album, and is one of only a few hip hop albums that have received a 5-mic rating when it was reviewed in The Source magazine. In 1998, it was selected by the magazine as one of the 100 Best Albums.

Track listingEdit

All songs performed by Rakim. All songs written by E. Barrier and W. Griffin.

No. Title Time
1. "Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em" 5:30
2. "No Omega" 4:45
3. "In the Ghetto" 5:22
4. "Step Back" 4:24
5. "Eric B. Made My Day" 5:05
6. "Run for Cover" 4:46
7. "Untouchables" 4:15
8. "Mahogany" 4:15
9. "Keep 'Em Eager to Listen" 4:40
10. "Set 'Em Straight" 4:25


  • Although the album's production is credited to the duo, other artists are responsible for the production of the album. Engineer Paul C was supposed to handle the production, but because of his murder in 1989, his protégé, Large Professor, was called upon to complete the album's beats. Paul C produced the songs "Run for Cover", "Untouchables", "Keep 'Em Eager to Listen", "Set 'Em Straight" and had an input into the title track. Large Professor produced "In the Ghetto", and the drums for "No Omega" and "Step Back". The rest of the album's production is assumed to have been handled by Rakim, his brother Stevie Blass Griffin and the album engineer, Patrick Adams.
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