L.A. Posse
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Los Angeles, California, U.S.


Hip hop

Years active



Def Jam, Atlantic

Associated acts

Breeze, LL Cool J, The Real Roxanne, The W.I.S.E. Guyz

Past members

L.A. Posse was an American hip hop record production team from Los Angeles, California. Upon its formation, the group consisted of Dwayne "Muffla" Simon, Darryl "Big Dad" Pierce, Bobby "Bobcat" Ervin and Mark "DJ Pooh" Jordan. L.A. Posse first rose to prominence when they were enlisted by Def Jam founder Russell Simmons to produce the entirety of LL Cool J's second album Bigger and Deffer in 1987, which was a huge success. Simon would go on to co-produce LL Cool J's next album, Walking with a Panther, two years later. L.A. Posse produced some songs on the self-titled debut album by The Real Roxanne in 1988.

In 1989, L.A. Posse departed Def Jam and signed with Atlantic Records. That same year, the team produced the entirety of The Young Son of No One by Los Angeles rapper and labelmate Breeze. In 1991, L.A. Posse released their only studio album, They Come in All Colors, before disbanding some time after.

Discography[edit | edit source]

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