Kris Kross
Kris Kross


Atlanta, Georgia, United States


Hip hop

Years active

  • 1991-2013


Ruffhouse, Columbia, Judgement

Associated acts

Da Brat, Jermaine Dupri

Past members

  • Daddy Mac
  • Mac Daddy (deceased)
Kris Kross was an American hip hop duo from Atlanta, Georgia. The duo consisted of Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly and Chris "Daddy Mac" Smith. They were best known for their 1992 hit "Jump", which stayed at the #1 position on the Billboard Hot 100 for eight weeks and was certified double platinum as a single. Kris Kross was the youngest rap duo to gain success, as its two members were 11 and 12 years old when they first attracted mainstream attention.

Kris Kross was discovered at an Atalanta shopping mall in 1991 by then 19-year-old Jermaine Dupri. Along with Dupri, they signed to Ruffhouse Records and released their debut album Totally Krossed Out in the following year to major critical acclaim and commercial success. Their second album, Da Bomb, was released in 1993 to a mixed reception, and many fans were unaccepting of their new hardcore style. Their third album, Young, Rich & Dangerous was released in early 1996, and this was their least successful album, both commercially and critically.

On 1 May 2013, Chris Kelly was found unresponsive in his Atlanta home and was later pronounced dead. It was later discovered that he had died of a drug overdose.


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