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M. Dewese, Pete Q. Harris, LaVaba, Bryan "Chuck" New, Teddy Riley, Robert Wells

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How Ya Like Me Now (1987)

Kool Moe Dee is the debut solo album by American rapper Kool Moe Dee, released in 1986 on Jive Records. Kool Moe Dee's group Treacherous Three had disbanded two years prior, and he embarked on a solo career after leaving Sugar Hill Records and signing to Jive. The album is best remembered for the song "Go See the Doctor", a recount of how Dee received a sexually transmitted disease. 

The album reached #83 on the Billboard 200, and #23 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts. It has since sold over 300,000 copies. 

Track listingEdit

All songs performed by Kool Moe Dee. All songs written by M. Dewese. Songs produced by M. Dewese, LaVaba, Teddy Riley, Robert Wells, Bryan "Chuck" New and Pete Q. Harris.

No. Title Time
1. "Go See the Doctor" 4:00
2. "Dumb Dick (Richard)" 4:30
3. "Bad Mutha" 5:35
4. "Little Jon" 4:37
5. "Do You Know What Time It Is?" 4:15
6. "Rock Steady" 4:15
7. "Monster Crack" 6:00
8. "The Best" 5:25
9. "I'm Kool Moe Dee" 5:06
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