King of Rock
King of Rock
Studio album by Run-D.M.C.


21 January 1985




Hip hop, rap rock




Profile, Arista


Russell Simmons, Larry Smith

Run-D.M.C. chronology


Run-D.M.C. (1984)


Raising Hell (1986)

King of Rock is the second studio album by American hip hop group Run-D.M.C., released in 1985 on Profile and Arista Records. The album sees the group adopting a more rock-influenced sound. Although producer Larry Smith had previously experimented with this style on Run-D.M.C.'s debut albumKing of Rock sees the group seamlessly blending rock and hip hop together, with several tracks prominently featuring heavy guitar riffs.

The album peaked at #52 on the Billboard 200, and #12 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts. 

Track listingEdit

All songs performed by Run-D.M.C. All songs produced by Russell Simmons and Larry Smith.

No. Title Writer(s) Time
1. "Rock the House" Simmons, Simmons 2:43
2. "King of Rock" McDaniels, Simmons, Smith 5:12
3. "You Talk Too Much" Hayden, McDaniels, Mizell, Simmons, Simmons, Smith 5:58
4. "Jam-Master Jammin'" Fludd, McDaniels, Simmons, Smith 4:24
5. "Roots, Rap, Reggae" Foster, McDaniels, Simmons, Smith 3:14
6. "Can You Rock It Like This" Rubin, Smith, Smith 4:28
7. "You're Blind" McDaniels, Rome, Simmons, Smith 5:29
8. "It's Not Funny" Hayden, Hutchins, McDaniels, Simmons, Simmons 5:32
9. "Daryll & Joe" McDaniels, Simmons, Smith 6:30


  • Track 1 features percussion performed by Sam Jacobs.
  • Track 2 features guitar performed by Eddie Martinez.
  • Track 4 features guitar performed by Davy D.
  • Track 5 features toasting performed by Yellowman.
  • Track 6 features guitar performed by Eddie Martinez.
  • Track 7 features guitar performed by Bobby Gass, Larry Smith and Rick Rubin.
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