Keep the Feel: A Legacy of Hip Hop Soul
Keep the Feel- A Legacy of Hip Hop Soul
Studio album by Abstract Rude


28 April 2015


Hip hop


Keep the Feel Ent.

Abstract Rude chronology


Rejuvenation (2009)

Keep the Feel: A Legacy of Hip Hop Soul is the second studio album by American rapper Abstract Rude, released in 2015 on Keep the Feel Ent. 

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "Keep the Feel Intro" - 1:56
2. "Walk Slower Daddy" Abstract Rude 4:34
3. "Authentic" Abstract Rude 4:35
4. "Five Senses" Abstract Rude 3:32
5. "The Solution" Abstract Rude, Brother Ali, Slug 4:32
6. "I Lived in a Time" Abstract Rude 2:38
7. "Kan of Whoop Ass" Abstract Rude 3:59
8. "Halfway Around the Globe" Abstract Rude 3:44
9. "The Edge" Abstract Rude 4:27
10. "3D Nights" Abstract Rude 3:13
11. "Garcon a la Pipe" Abstract Rude 3:19
12. "Relay" Abstract Rude, Busdriver, Just Brea, Maya Jupiter, Medusa, Olmeca, Pigeon John 6:01
13. "Keep the Feel Interlude" - 1:20
14. "Thee Only Life" Abstract Rude 5:45
15. "Kan of Whoop Ass Reprise" Abstract Rude, Alpha, Blueprint, Droop Capone, Eligh, KAIL, LMNO, Luckyiam.PSC, Musab, Neb Luv, Open Mike Eagle, Otherwize, Psalm One, Sunspot Jonz, The Grouch, VerBS 5:40
16. "For tha Luv" Abstract Rude, Aceyalone, Aloe Blacc 4:21
17. "Kan of Whoop Ass (Team Supreme X Project Blowed Remix)" Abstract Rude, Brandi Kane, Ellay Khule, Gel Roc, JRoz, Jizzm, Medusa, Myka 9, Riddlore?, Self Jupiter, Shames Worthy, Zumbi 5:15
18. "Pride (DJ Vadim UK Mix)" Abstract Rude 3:40
19. "Hip-Hop Soul (S.O.T.G.)" Abstract Rude 3:21
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