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KMD was an American hip hop group from New York that was active in the early 1990s. The group is best known for launching the career of rapper and record producer Zev Love X, who would later become known as MF DOOM. Zev Love X, his younger brother DJ Subroc and Onyx the Birthstone Kid formed KMD in 1989.

MC Serch met the group at community functions, and they appeared on the song "The Gas Face" from the album The Cactus Album by Serch's group 3rd Bass. The appearance caught the attention of A&R executive Dante Ross, who signed the group to Elektra. KMD released their debut album Mr. Hood in 1991, which contained songs that focus on racism and black empowerment in a comical manner.

The group recorded their follow up, Black Bastards, in 1993, and the album signified a departure from their lighthearted previous release with a more serious subject matter. Onyx the Birthstone Kid left the group during the recording sessions. Shortly before the scheduled release date for the album, Subroc was killed while attempting to cross a Long Island expressway and the group were dropped from Elektra later the same week. The album's title and cover art proved too controversial for Elektra's management, and it was not officially released until 2001. After the death of his brother, Zev Love X disappeared from the hip hop music scene until his reemergence in 1997 under the pseudonym MF DOOM.


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