Jump on It!
Jump on It!
Studio album by The Sugarhill Gang


16 April 1999




Hip hop, children's music


Kid Rhino

The Sugarhill Gang chronology


Livin' in the Fast Lane (1984)

Jump on It! is the fourth and final studio album by American hip hop group The Sugarhill Gang, released in 1999 on Kid Rhino. It is the group's first album since Livin' in the Fast Lane in 1984, and is marketed towards children. It features a kid's version of the group's 1979 hit single, "Rapper's Delight".

Track listingEdit

No. Title Time
1. "Jump on It" 3:27
2. "Kick a Rhyme with Dr. Seuss" 3:56
3. "ABC's" 2:30
4. "It's Like a Dream Sometimes" 2:42
5. "The Vowels" 3:04
6. "Fireworks" 2:38
7. "Last Day of School" 3:10
8. "Kids' Rapper's Delight (Kids' Rap-Along)" 5:08
9. "Sugar Hill Groove" 3:05
10. "My Little Playmate" 1:43
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