It's On and Crackin'
It's On and Crackin'
Studio album by O.G. Cell-E-Cel




Hip hop




Charles Clayton (exec.), King Tee, The Real Richie Rich

It's On and Crackin' is the debut studio album by American rapper O.G. Cell-E-Cel, released in 1996 on Xcel Records. Cell-E-Cel had previously released a single in 1994 as frontman of the group O.G. Cell-E-Cel and the Inmates, and contributed to the 1995 self-titled album by the Nationwide Rip RidazIt's On and Crackin' features production work by King Tee and The Real Richie Rich, and features gangsta rap-inspired lyrics performed by Cell-E-Cel, who is a Crips gang member. A music video was made for the song "Whatcha Gonna Do". 

The album received a limited initial press run, and hard copies are expensive today. The album remains his only solo studio album to date.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Intro" - The Real Richie Rich 0:39
2. "Whatcha Gonna Do" O.G. Cell-E-Cel The Real Richie Rich 4:12
3. "Chin Check" - King Tee 0:28
4. "Evil Dollars" O.G. Cell-E-Cel, Playa Hamm The Real Richie Rich 3:42
5. "Vu-Vu" - The Real Richie Rich 0:56
6. "Freaky Rendevouz" O.G. Cell-E-Cel King Tee, The Real Richie Rich 4:40
7. "Fit of the Fittest" O.G. Cell-E-Cel The Real Richie Rich 4:51
8. "Mama" O.G. Cell-E-Cel King Tee 4:50
9. "Outro" - The Real Richie Rich 0:41
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