It's All on U
It's All on U.jpg
Studio album by B.G.


1 July 1997


Hip hop, gangsta rap, Southern hip hop


Cash Money Records


Mannie Fresh, Bryan Williams (exec.), Ronald Williams (exec.)

B.G. chronology


Chopper City (1996)


It's All on U Vol. 2 (1997)

It's All on U is the second studio album by American rapper B.G., released in 1997 on Cash Money Records. The album was produced entirely by Mannie Fresh. It features the first appearance of the Hot Boys as a group, on the song "Ride 2'Night". In addition, it features guest appearances from Bun B, Big Tymers and Ms. Tee.

The album peaked at #40 on the US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, but failed to reach the US Billboard 200. It sold over 180,000 copies, and was a major part in Cash Money Records getting a major label distribution deal with Universal Records along with Juvenile's Solja Rags. A sequel, It's All on U Vol. 2, was released later the same year.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

All songs produced by Mannie Fresh.

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "187 Big Timers" - 1:25
2. "Get Your Shine On!!" B.G., Big Tymers 6:37
3. ""N" My City" B.G. 5:08
4. "Silent B.G." B.G. 3:57
5. "Round My Way" B.G., Juvenile 4:02
6. "Uptown Thang (Remix Hot)" B.G. 3:52
7. "Ride 2'Night" B.G., Hot Boys 4:44
8. "I Be Thinking" B.G. 4:35
9. "Cash Money Niggaz" B.G., Bullet, Turk 4:49
10. "Fuck These Hoez" B.G. 5:06
11. "Let's Get Funky" B.G., Lil Wayne 5:04
12. "Gangsta Shit!!" B.G. 4:33
13. "Retaliation" B.G., Bun B, Juvenile, Ms. Tee 6:04
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