Studio album by K-Rino


15 November 2016


Hip hop


Black Book International


Abdul Mack, Anno Domini, Big Swift, Bobby Ruckus, DLP, Moretime, Psix

K-Rino chronology


Welcome to Life (2016)

Intervention is the thirty-first studio album by American rapper K-Rino, released in 2016 on Black Book International. It is the seventh and final installment in his The Big Seven series, which consisted of seven albums released at the same time. Intervention features the most guest appearances of any albums in the series, with most of the guests featuring on "Firing Squad", which is a reunion of many South Park Coalition members.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Intro" K-Rino - 7:17
2. "Intervention" K-Rino Big Swift 4:26
3. "Wizard's Ransom 2 (The Final)" K-Rino, DBX Psix 7:05
4. "I Ain't Bitter" K-Rino Anno Domini 2:31
5. "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend" K-Rino Bobby Ruckus 3:36
6. "We Don't Expect" K-Rino, Bro. Robert Muhammad Big Swift 4:30
7. "Even When It's Bad" K-Rino, Mayadia, Kidd the Great Moretime 5:33
8. "Without Love" K-Rino, Rapper K, Billy Cook Abdul Mack 3:31
9. "What's Your Purpose" K-Rino Moretime 4:47
10. "I Gotta Go" K-Rino Bobby Ruckus 4:11
11. "The Man Who Lived Forever" K-Rino Big Swift 4:56
12. "Firing Squad" K-Rino, Klondike Kat, Rapper K, Chucky the Killa, Mr. CAP, B-1, Rhyme Felon, Murder One, Kyu-Boi, DBX, Point Blank, The Real J. Walker!, Prez-D, Hoodizm, Poosty Lee, Greg L the Great, Amin Miller, Dat Gurl Netta, Sniper, PSK-13 DLP 11:31
13. "Outro" K-Rino - 6:05
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