Inside Looking Out
Inside Looking Out
EP by 20-2-Life




Hip hop


Bigtyme Recordz


Johnny "Tiger" Walker, D. Woods (exec.)

20-2-Life chronology


Up 4 Parole (1994)

Inside Looking Out is the debut EP by American hip hop duo 20-2-Life, released in 1993 on Bigtyme Recordz. It was produced entirely by Johnny "Tiger" Walker. It features guest appearances by Klondike Kat. Although intended to be additionally pressed on CD, it was never released in the format and the cassette version is the only official release of the album.

Track listingEdit

All songs written by Brown, Dunn and Woods, and produced by Johnny "Tiger" Walker.

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "Intro" - 1:31
2. "Inside Looking Out" Black, Killa Hoe 4:55
3. "Gettin It On" Black, Killa Hoe 2:50
4. "Dope Game 4 Ya" Black, Killa Hoe, Deathwish, Klondike Kat 4:37
5. "Russian Roulette" Black, Killa Hoe, Klondike Kat 4:11
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