Illadelph Halflife
Illadelph Halflife
Studio album by The Roots


24 September 1996




Hip hop






?uestlove, Black Thought, Chaos, The Grand Negaz, Kelo, L.A. Jay, Richard Nichols (exec.), Rahzel, Raphael Saadiq, Slimkid3, The Ummah

The Roots chronology


Do You Want More?!!!??! (1994)


Things Fall Apart (1999)

Illadelph Halflife is the third studio album by American hip hop band The Roots, released in 1996 on Geffen Records. It features a tougher and broader sound than their previous album, 1994's Do You Want More?!!!??!. The album has guest appearances by hip hop artists Common, Q-Tip, Bahamadia and Dice Raw, in addition to R&B and jazz musicians such as Amel Larrieux, D'Angelo, David Murray, Steve Coleman, Cassandra Wilson and Graham Haynes.

The album peaked at #21 on the Billboard 200, and #4 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts, making it The Roots' highest charting release at the time. It received positive reviews from critics, who praised The Roots' progression, maturity and jazz influences. 

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Intro" - - - 0:34
2. "Respond/React" Black Thought, Malik B Smart Abdul-Basit, Thompson, Trotter, Williams Kelo, Black Thought (co.) 5:07
3. "Section" Black Thought, Malik B Grey, Smart Abdul-Basit, Thompson, Trotter The Grand Negaz, Kelo (co.) 4:08
4. "Panic!!!!!!!" Black Thought Brown, Thompson, Trotter ?uestlove, The Grand Negaz (co.), Rahzel (co.) 1:24
5. "It Just Don't Stop" Malik B, Black Thought Grey, Hubbard, Smart, Trotter, Williams Kelo 4:33
6. "Episodes" Black Thought, Dice Raw, Malik B Grey, Jenkins, Lewis, Moore, Smart, Thompson, Trotter Chaos, ?uestlove (co.) 5:56
7. "Push Up Ya Lighter" Black Thought, Malik B, Bahamadia Grey, Reed, Smart, Thompson, Trotter The Grand Negaz, Kelo (co.) 4:36
8. "What They Do" Black Thought Brown, Grey, Hubbard, Saadiq, Thompson, Trotter ?uestlove, Raphael Saadiq (co.), The Grand Negaz (co.) 5:57
9. "? vs. Scratch" - Jones, Thompson ?uestlove, Scratch 1:47
10. "Concerto of the Desperado" Black Thought Trotter, Williams Kelo 3:38
11. "Clones" M.A.R.S., Black Thought, Dice Raw, Malik B Blenman, Jenkins, Smart, Trotter, Williams Kelo 4:54
12. "UNIverse at War" Common, Black Thought Hubbard, Lewis, Lynn, Trotter Chaos 4:55
13. "No Alibi" Malik B, Black Thought Grey, Hubbard, Smrt, Thompson, Trotter The Grand Negaz, Chaos (co.) 5:11
14. "Dave vs. US" - Brown, Murray, Thompson The Grand Negaz 0:50
15. "No Great Pretender" Malik B Brown, Smart, Thompson The Grand Negaz 4:25
16. "The Hypnotic" Black Thought, D'Angelo Hardson, Thompson, Trotter ?uestlove, Slimkid3 (co.), L.A. Jay (co.) 5:19
17. "Ital (The Universal Side)" Q-Tip, Black Thought Fareed, Gray, Thompson, Trotter The Grand Negaz, The Ummah (co.) 4:53
18. "One Shine" - Hubbard, Storch, Thompson, Trotter The Grand Negaz 5:40
19. "The Adventures in Wonderland" Ursula Rucker Rucker, Thompson The Grand Negaz?uestlove (co.) 4:34
20. "Outro" - - - 0:15
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