I.A. Dap
I.A. Dap
Studio album by Lil' Dap


1 August 2008


Hip hop




Alchemist, Attic Sound, DJ JS-1, DJ Skizz, Grudge, Large Professor, Lil' Dap

I.A. Dap is the debut album by American rapper Lil' Dap, released in 2008 on Babygrande. It was released on CD and double LP. Most of the production is done by Dap himself but it also features production by rapper/producer Large Professor and Alchemist. Guru and fellow Group Home member Melachi the Nutcracker are among those who make guest appearances. Some songs are recycled from previous albums and singles.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s)
1. "Intro I.A. Dap" - Alchemist
2. "Watch Me Do" Lil' Dap DJ Skizz
3. "World Peace" Lil' Dap Attic Sound
4. "Get It" Lil' Dap Alchemist
5. "Rasta" Lil' Dap Lil' Dap
6. "Hey Miss (Skit)" - Lil' Dap
7. "Baby Mamma Drama" Lil' Dap, Black Don, Eric Third, Kai Bee Lil' Dap
8. "Son 4 Reason" Lil' Dap, Guru Lil' Dap
9. "In My Life Time" Lil' Dap Large Professor
10. "GHC (Skit)" - Lil' Dap
11. "Real Group Home" Lil' Dap, Melachi the Nutcracker Lil' Dap
12. "Security Deposit" Lil' Dap, Big Noyd, Twin DJ Skizz
13. "Long Way from BK" Lil' Dap Grudge
14. "One Hand Watches the Next" Lil' Dap Lil' Dap
15. "The Real" Lil' Dap DJ JS-1
16. "Outro" Lil' Dap Lil' Dap
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