Hurricane Katrina: We Gon' Bounce Back
Hurricane Katrina- We Gon' Bounce Back.jpg
Studio album by 504 Boyz


8 November 2005




Hip hop


Guttar Music Entertainment

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Hurricane Katrina: We Gon' Bounce Back is the third and final studio album by American hip hop group 504 Boyz, released in 2005 on Guttar Music Entertainment. It was released less than three months after Hurricane Katrina, which impacted the group's hometown of New Orleans, and was dedicated to the victims of the disaster. Most of the verses on the album are performed by rappers that make their only appearance on this album, with Master P, Silkk the Shocker and Krazy being the only original members of the group to make appearances.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "Intro" Master P 0:24
2. "Them People" Halleluyah, Jazzy, Krazy, Yogi 4:12
3. "D-Boys" Halleluyah, Playa, Rowdy 3:52
4. "1,2,3,G's" Black, Jazzy, Krazy, Master P, Tank Dog, Yogi 4:19
5. "That Work" Halleluyah, Krazy, Master P 4:45
6. "Streets Is Calling" Benji, Daddy-Q, Master P, Naughty, Pop 4:53
7. "Real Talk" Master P 2:01
8. "Hurtin'" Master P, Rowdy 4:08
9. "We Don't Play" Halleluyah, Jazzy, Krazy, Master P, Yogi 3:40
10. "Jump Shob" Halleluyah, Jazzy, Krazy, Master P, Playa, Pop, Rowdy, Yogi 3:57
11. "You Don't" Lil' D, Playa, Rowdy 4:02
12. "Go Head" Halleluyah, Silkk the Shocker 3:57
13. "Bounce Back" Halleluyah, Master P 3:17
14. "Bounce" Jazzy, Krazy, Master P, Pop, Tank Dog 3:21
15. "Mob Life" Benji, Black, Halleluyah, Krazy, Master P 4:30
16. "Murder" Jazzy, Krazy, Master P, Yogi 5:02
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