Holy Intellect
Studio album by Poor Righteous Teachers


May 29, 1990


March 1989 - January 1990


Epilson Studios
(Trenton, New Jersey)


Golden age hip hop, Jazz rap, Political hip hop




Profile Records / Arista Records


Tony D, Eric IQ Gray

Holy Intellect is the debut studio album by American Hip hop group Poor Righteous Teachers. It was released in May 29, 1990 via Profile Records and Arista Records. The majority of the album was produced by Tony D, except for tracks 8 and 10 were produced by Eric IQ Gary. The album spawned the single "Rock Dis Funky Joint".

In 1998, the album was selected as one of The Source's 100 Best Rap Albums Ever.

Tracklisting Edit

  1. "Can I Start This?" - 5:18
  2. "Rock Dis Funky Joint" - 5:12
  3. "Strictly Ghetto" - 3:27
  4. "Holy Intellect" - 4:21
  5. "Shakiyla" - 4:02
  6. "Time to Say Peace" - 5:15
  7. "Style Dropped / Lessons Taught" - 4:54
  8. "Speaking Upon a Black Man" - 3:21
  9. "So Many Teachers" - 4:43
  10. "Word From the Wise" - 5:02
  11. "Butt Naked Booty Bless" - 4:29
  12. "Poor Righteous Teachers" - 5:15

Samples Edit

Can I Start This?

  • "Save the World" by Southside Movement

Rock Dis Funky Joint

  • "Slippin' Into Darkness" by War
  • "That's the Joint" by Funky 4 + 1

Strictly Ghetto

  • "Getaway" by Earth, Wind & Fire
  • "H20gate Blues" by Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson
  • "Mind Power" by James Brown

Holy Intellect

  • "Devotion (Live)" by Earth, Wind & Fire
  • "Good, Good Feelin'" by War


  • "Be Alright" by Zapp

Time to Say Peace

  • "Soul Travelin' Pt. I (The G.B.E.)" by Gary Byrd
  • "Back to Life (Acapella)" by Soul II Soul
  • "Going Way Back" by Just-Ice

Style Dropped / Lessons Taught

Speaking Upon a Black Man

  • "Black Seeds Keep on Growing" by The Main Ingredient
  • "Good Stuff" by Mel Brown

So Many Teachers

  • "Tell Her It's Over" by Millie Jackson

Word From the Wise

  • "The Boss" by James Brown
  • "Talks to Young People" by Malcolm X

Butt Naked Booty Bless

  • "Soul Makossa" by Manu Dibango

Poor Righteous Teachers

  • "Gula Matari" by Quincy Jones
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