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Stage Name: Hall Jr 

Net-worth: 400 Thousand

Height: 6'1 (181 cm) 

Age: 26

Label: 2026 Music Group

Hall Jr grew up in an unstable household as his mother Keshia Walters was constantly working,unable to give him much guidance. His father Douglas A. Hall died after his senior year of high school, he was raised by himself who made effort to keep the family intact. He completed his high school education at Lucy Laney High School.

Like many other rappers he traced his roots to the streets and have run-ins with the law and at the age of only 18, but fortunately he was able to use music as a distraction from crime and as his music career took off he vowed to be a genuine and authentic rapper.

Hall Jr started recording music at the age of 17, That year he released hi debut Track ” Make em Understand ” the track rewarded the rapper alot of exposure he needed. His musical flow earned him recognition as one of the best new lyricists to emerge from Augusta Ga.

Hall Jr stated in an recent interview with Billboard that the album Paris Saved Me (im not perfect) would be dedicated to his one year old daughter. He name the album after her name, also the cover art. Hall Jr express on holding nothing back on this project. The Georgia rapper was becoming a national star. Backed by dense, thunderous trap beats and horror-movies piano lines, Hall Jr tackles subjects matters that most MCs would leave untouched. The Single letter to the streets on the album was the mostly streamed,paints a disturbing portrait of a man being left by his girlfriend.

Hall Jr -Perfect Lyrics & Meaning Paris Saved Me "im not perfect" Apple Music

Hall Jr -Perfect Lyrics & Meaning Paris Saved Me "im not perfect" Apple Music

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