Hall Jr 2026 Quotes

  •  " Grind so hard, I just want the money "
  • " Can’t really trip about the cards that you get, gotta take it and make it work"
  • " I know it’s just another experience that I need to have, if God putting me through it "
  • " Never hate on a new n*gga that’s poppin you gotta sit back and just wait on yo turn "
  • " My main goal was just to last a lil longer "
  • " We fall to learn to pick ourself back up "
  • " Can’t complain, imma grind bout it "
  • " So much desire, I just got so much desire "
  • " Got a daughter, imma die if you ever get clever, got a plan & it’s coming together "
  • " I wouldn't under estimate no man, no disrespect that’s just how ion go bout it "
  • " Be off and on with n*ggas in the street, i just go left "
  • " N*gga jumped in the water and drown, how you fell in the water and drown "
  • " Being alone make you strong "
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