Guerillas in tha Mist
Studio album by Da Lench Mob


September 22, 1992


June 1991 - April 1992


Echo Sound
(Los Angeles, CA)


Hip hop, Gangsta rap, West Coast hip hop, Political hip hop




Street Knowledge / East West / Atco


Ice Cube (also exec.), Chilly Chill (co.), Mr. Woody, Rashad, T-Bone

Guerillas in tha Mist is the debut studio album by American Hip hop group Da Lench Mob. Released in September 22, 1992 under Street Knowledge Records, East West America Records and Atco Records. Recording sessions were mostly taken place at Echo Sound in Los Angeles from June 1991 to April 1992. The majority of the production was handled by Ice Cube, who is also featured throughout the album though uncredited, and also the album was co-produced by Chilly Chill, Mr. Woody, T-Bone and Rashad.

The album title is a pun on the popular movie title Gorillas in the Mist and guerrilla warfare. In the post-Los Angeles riot atmosphere of the album's release, the title was also perceived as a clever reference to a comment made by one of the police officers who arrested Rodney King. Laurence Michael Powell, one of King's arresting officers, has described through radio message a domestic disturbance involving two blacks as something straight from Gorillas in tha Mist. Powell's comment was considered highly racist, comparing black people to gorillas, and was used against the officer during the Rodney King trial.

Guerillas in the Mist peaked at #24 on the Billboard 200, #4 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, and was certified Gold by Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in December 18, 1992, indicating US sales of over 500,000 units. The album spawned the singles: "Freedom Got an A.K.", "Ain't Got No Class" and "Guerillas in tha Mist". The single "Freedom Got an A.K." peaked at #7 on the Hot Rap Songs.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

  1. "Capital Punishment in America" - 1:55
  2. "Buck The Devil" - 4:28
  3. "Lost in Tha System" - 3:34
  4. "You and Your Heroes" - 2:59
  5. "All on My Nut Sack" - 4:33
  6. "Guerillas in tha Mist" - 4:25
  7. "Lenchmob Also in The Group" - 1:47
  8. "Ain't Got No Class" - 3:35
  9. "Freedom Got an A.K." - 3:03
  10. "Ankle Blues" - 2:47
  11. "Who Ya Gonna Shoot Wit' That?" - 2:43
  12. "Lord Have Mercy" - 3:40
  13. "Inside The Head of a Black Man" - 1:55
  14. "Ain't Got No Class (T-Bone Remix)" - 3:57
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