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Ghetto Pop Life
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Studio album by DM & Jemini


9 September 2003


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Danger Mouse

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The Grey Album (2004)

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Scars and Pain (1995)

Ghetto Pop Life is a collaboration album by producer Danger Mouse and rapper Jemini, released in 2003 on Lex Records. The album was produced in its entirety by Danger Mouse, and features vocal appearances from Tha Alkaholiks, The Pharcyde, J-Zone and Prince Po. It is Danger Mouse's debut commercial album release, and Jemini's first release since his 1995 EP Scars and Pain.

The album was released to critical acclaim, but is the only time Danger Mouse and Jemini have collaborated together. Danger Mouse would rise to stardom in 2004 after the release of his remix album The Grey Album, but Jemini was imprisoned shortly after the release of the album and is yet to make a comeback in the hip hop spotlight.

Track listing[]

All songs produced by Danger Mouse.

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Time
1. "Born-A-MC" Jemini Burton, Smith 2:29
2. "Ghetto Pop Life (Intro)" - Burton, Clark, Smith 1:09
3. "Ghetto Pop Life" Jemini Burton, Smith 4:24
4. "Omega Supreme" Jemini Burton, Smith 5:03
5. "What U Sittin On?" Jemini, Tha Liks Burton, Robinson, Smith, Smith 3:59
6. "The Only One" Jemini Burton, Smith 3:18
7. "Take Care of Business" Jemini, J-Zone Burton, Mumford, Smith 3:38
8. "That Brooklyn Shit" Jemini Burton, Smith 3:35
9. "Yoo-Hoo!" Jemini Burton, Smith 4:36
10. "Copy Cats" Jemini, Prince Po Baskerville, Burton, Smith 3:49
11. "Don't Do Drugs" Jemini Burton, Smith 3:23
12. "Medieval" Jemini, The Pharcyde Burton, Robinson, Smith, Wilcox 5:00
13. "Bush Boys" Jemini Burton, Smith 4:02
14. "Here We Go Again" Jemini Burton, Smith 3:51
15. "I'ma DooMee (Love Letter)" Jemini Burton, Smith 3:04
16. "Knuckle Sandwich" Jemini Burton, Smith 2:10


  • Track 5 features bass performed by Joe Wilson
  • Track 9 features additional vocals performed by Kai Martin, scratches performed by DJ Yoda, and guitars performed by Zash
  • Track 14 features bass performed by Zash
  • Track 16 features bass performed by Zash