Studio album by MC Breed


7 June 1994




Hip hop, West Coast hip hop, g-funk




Big Man, Brett Ski, DJ Flash, The Hurra, MC Breed, Swift C

MC Breed chronology


The New Breed (1993)


Big Baller (1995)

Funkafied is the fourth studio album by American hip hop artist MC Breed, released in 1994 on Wrap Records. Expanding on the g-funk style introduced on his previous album The New BreedFunkafied features a heavy West Coast influence. It features appearances from George Clinton of Parliament-Funkadelic and The D.O.C., the latter of which had served as a producer on The New Breed. The album was produced primarily by MC Breed, with additional contributions from Hurricane, Brett Ski and past collaborator DJ Flash. 

It is Breed's most successful album chartwise, reaching #106 on the Billboard 200 and #9 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts. The single "Late Nite Creep (Booty Call)" peaked at #43 on the Hot Rap Singles chart.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Underground Address" MC Breed Brett Ski 4:20
2. "What You Want" MC Breed DJ Flash, MC Breed 5:10
3. "Smokin'" MC Breed, SFD The Hurra, MC Breed 4:37
4. "Late Nite Creep (Booty Call)" MC Breed, Night & Day MC Breed 4:58
5. "Teach My Kids" MC Breed, Gary Schider The Hurra, MC Breed 4:05
6. "This Is How We Do It 1" George Clinton The Hurra, MC Breed 0:36
7. "One Time" MC Breed, Chuck Nyce Brett Ski 4:28
8. "Seven Years" MC Breed, SFD Big Man, Swift C 4:05
9. "The Deal Is da Funk" MC Breed DJ Flash, MC Breed 4:11
10. "Shootin' from the Hip" MC Breed, Jibri, SFD Brett Ski 4:47
11. "Break Yourself" MC Breed, Night & Day MC Breed 3:19
12. "Back Up in Ya!" MC Breed DJ Flash, MC Breed 4:17
13. "This Is How We Do It 2" George Clinton The Hurra, MC Breed 0:59
14. "Flava uv Phony" MC Breed, Al Breed DJ Flash, MC Breed 3:40
15. "B.R. Double E.D." MC Breed, The D.O.C. DJ Flash, MC Breed 4:13
16. "Ol' School" MC Breed MC Breed 2:10
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